Inclusive Pledge

At the core of Red River Guiding’s founding philosophy is a pledge to make outdoor adventure accessible to everyone and intentionally and consistently act to address societal inequity and injustice in the broader community. Ultimately, we pledge to work for a world in which everyone is free to be who they are and can lead fulfilling lives, without having to overcome discrimination.

Specifically, this includes:


People in Larger Bodies


People identifying as living with Neuro Diversity


People identifying as LGBTQ+


People identifying as living with a Physical Disability


People identifying as living with Mental Ill Health

inclusive pledge

We are trailblazing a delivery pathway which ensures anyone who wants to take part in adventurous activities can do so without fear of ridicule, judgement, or stigma.

Working with previously underrepresented groups has shown us that with planning, positive information sharing and simple adaptation, incredible life achievements can be accomplished. This increasingly acts as a springboard and strong foundation for participants to go on and accomplish even greater things!

inclusive pledge
Frequently asked questions:

Q My physical disability will prevent me from sitting in a canoe

Our adaptive canoes can accommodate all wheelchair users or those individuals with other physical disabilities. Do date, we have yet to work with anyone who hasn’t been able to enjoy a canoe experience with us.

Q I’m concerned I’ll be expected to do something I know I’ll feel uncomfortable with and will look stupid in front of everyone.

We deliberately take time to build your confidence, often with an initial 1:1 session and only progress at a pace you feel entirely comfortable with.

Q As a member of the Plus Sized Community, I’m worried I won’t fit in a Buoyancy Aid or Canoe.

This is a frequent question and one we can easily answer! We have Buoyancy Aids which can accommodate over 200kg in body weight in a diverse range of sizes and designs. Our canoes range from 15 to 17ft in length with carrying capacities of more than 700kg.

Q I have a fear of what activity might entail.

Fear and apprehension are entirely normal and something we all experience. We will create a solution which dovetails to your current level of activity capability, even if this is just a few minutes of gentle outdoor activity.

Q My mental health is very unpredictable, and I’m concerned I won’t cope and will experience a crisis of some sort.

As an inclusive provider of adventurous activities, all our instructors receive specialist training relevant to the customer group they will be working with. This includes Mental Health First Aid and Counselling skills as well as a supportive and nurturing learning environment.

Q My child is neuro diverse and doesn’t integrate well in social settings, how can we overcome this?

This is a very common question and individual to each person. We usually find that creating strong awareness of what to expect (video walk throughs) sent before the session reduces overall anxiety. Sessions are often 1:1 working at the pace of the individual to build confidence and deliver reassurance before possible future group integration.

Q I want to try canoeing, but I’ll never fit in a wetsuit.

The wonderful thing about Canadian Canoeing is that except for a Buoyancy Aid, you don’t require any additional specialist clothing equipment like wetsuits to enjoy a session. This means you can take part in your normal clothes which you know are comfortable without fear of finding a wetsuit to fit.

Your Outdoor Adventure Awaits

Your Outdoor Adventure Awaits

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